Improving the Quality of Life

For Children and Families

Facing Health Complications:

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Kindle is looking for in-kind donations
to help support our summer camp programs.

If you want to donate, please contact our office:

877.800. CAMP (2267)


Kindle Ranch will allow

any child to fly down a zipline,

ride a horse, or find hope.




Make  a difference in the life of a child living with a health challenge.



Kindle began in 1998 as a one week summer camp for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Today the organization improves the quality of life of thousands for children, young adults, and families facing medical complications through recreational experiences, educational services, and support programs.



Kindle has acquired a camp facility for Kindle Ranch!  The facility is on 72 acres an hour North of Los Angeles, CA.  More information coming soon!

We are still accepting applications for campers this summer for both our resident camp programs and our day camp!  For more information, contact



3rd Annual Camp Kindle Day Camp

Staff & Campers June 23-27th

10th Annual Camp Kindle West:

Campers: July 14-20 Staff: July 12-20

16th Annual Camp Kindle in NE:

Campers: July 28-Aug 3 Staff: July 26-Aug 3

Project Kindle


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  • Fun before campers arrive tomorrow. Boys win at Pictionary again. #campkindle #ckwest2014 #pictionary #pediatricaids #stafftraining #boysvsgirls #fun #summercamp
  • Longtime camp counselor Thunder Snow celebrates winning a round in Pictionary. Every year it's a boy v. girl game and it gets highly competitive. Boys won this round, but who will win overall?? #campkindle #ckmidwest2014 #pictionary #pediatricaids #summercamp #fun #boysvsgirls
  • And #CKmidwest2014 begins with boys v. girls pictionary. Girls win this time, but who will win overall??? #pictionary #ckmidwest2014 #campkindle #fun #summercamp #pediatricaids
  • #Repost from @evacpayne --- Emmi with Fox and Possum at CK West. They are either really tall or she is really short,  or both!
  • #Repost from @evacpayne --- Road trip to Camp Kindle Midwest...only 17.5 more hours/1,140 miles.  Jealous, right?
  • #Repost from @elfitzgerald --- #withdrawalwednesday I miss this little ray of sunshine! Excited to take of for Camp Kindle Nebraska tomorrow! #campkindle #kindlefam #love #ignitinghope #CK2014 #campkindle2014
  • #Repost from @kassidymichele7 --- Camp Kindle.
Second family.
Week full of:

My home.
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I think we're pretty foxy too! So ducking sad you couldn't make it this year Fox, but I had a lovely time seeing your face for the little bit that I did! P.S. When @seegersees asks you to come to the staff party, you should reply with a
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My darling, goofy, beautiful Gen aka Mija. So honored to have read all the wonderful things about you in your LIT journal. I can't wait for you to come back as a CIT. I am always here for you. #somuchlove #ck2014
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Love these girls. #goldrush #ck2014 #rolemodels
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This year at camp there was a comedy video project. The kids wrote and directed, as well as came up with the concept (which I may or may not have steered them towards...?) Please enjoy.
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